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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation?

Enter your travel dates and the number in your party. Review available properties by neighborhood or accommodation-type. When you have chosen the property you wish to book simply enter your payment information to make your 50% deposit. We will follow-up with a confirmation email and send you the property specific Welcome Guide.

How can I make the most of my time in Washington?

We've crafted specific and informative Welcome Guides for each property that contains information about rental unit, the specific neighborhood and the city itself. We've packed each Welcome Guide with tips compiled by DC residents so you can navigate the city as a local would. From fine-dining to off-the-beaten-path local haunts, we've got it covered. We'll also key you into a variety of local events (many of them free!) so you can make the most of your Washington, DC experience.

When is payment due?

We require 50% of your payment at the time of reservation and 50% 30 days prior to your arrival.

What is the accidental damage insurance for?

We take out a $3000 accidental damage insurance policy on every stay in lieu of holding a damage deposit. The cost to the guest is $39 per rental. Insurance is a safe-guard for the guest, property owner and LUXbnb. Our insurance policy allows for the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another – in this case the insurance company. It is a simple way for all parties involved to mitigate risk and most importantly provides peace-of-mind.

What is the optional trip insurance for?

If there is a chance that you may need to cancel your trip for any reason we would suggest that you buy trip insurance offered by CSA to ensure that your deposit will be returned to you. This is a comprehensive travel insurance plan also covering baggage, trip delay, medical and dental care, emergency assistance and transport, rental car damage, ID theft and more. Please see website for further details.

Will I need to pay tax on my stay?

All Washington, DC rentals of 90 days or less must pay the DC Sales & Use Tax of 14.5%. We don't like it either!

Are your locations safe?

We choose only those neighborhoods that are considered to be the safest and most sought after in the city.

Do your properties have WIFI? Cable TV?

All of our properties* come with WIFI and cable TV. * Exception: Best of Washington does not have TV.

Do I pay for parking?

This varies by property. In the Palisades parking is either unrestricted in front of the property or you are provided with a parking space. In DuPont and Capitol Hill there is a charge for the parking space as there are fewer spaces than there are accommodations. For Georgetown you can obtain a visitor's parking pass for up to two weeks from the local District 2 Police Station.

Where can I do my laundry?

All of our properties* have a laundry facility on-site. Instructions are included in the Welcome Guide.
*Exception: Architect's Abode

What time of day is check-in?

Arrival time is any time after 3pm on the first day of your rental. Please confirm your arrival time with your hosts for hosted properties.

How do I get the keys?

Please follow your arrival instructions in your rental confirmation and Welcome Guide. If you have a "hosted" property, then please communicate directly with your host to arrange for your keys. If your property does not have a host, your keys will either be in a MasterLock lockbox at your entry or we will have a keyless system on the doors. You will need to communicate with LUXbnb Customer Service to obtain the codes prior to your arrival.

How do I work the door lock?

Most of out homes feature a electronic lock operated by a 4 digit code.  You will receieve your code with your arrival instructions the day before arrival.

How do I work the lockbox?

The lockbox is a simple, nearly indestructible combination device that houses your keys. Instructions are provided after booking for each property that has a lockbox. Line up the combination along the center line. Pull down the lever to the left of the dials and the box will pop open. After you remove the key, please close and re-lock the lockbox so that the code is not visible and slide closed the dust cover. You may use the lockbox during your stay if you will be coming and going at different times; just take care to make sure that the code is never visible.

Where will I find the lockbox?

The keys are kept in a MasterLock lockbox at the entrance to the property.

How do I get the lockbox or doorlock code?

Guests contact LUXbnb Customer Service in the week prior to your arrival to obtain the current lockbox or door lock code. If your property does not have a lockbox or door locks you will communicate either directly with your property Host or LUXbnb Customer Service to obtain the keys.

Where can I park my car?

Each property profile and Welcome Guide indicates whether parking is available and what type: free off-street parking space, paid off-street parking space, unrestricted street parking, street parking with visitor parking pass, restricted street parking, or public garage. Guests must make arrangements with LUXbnb ahead of time if they will be renting a parking space along with their apartments*.
* All DuPont Circle properties.

What if I have a question or need help during my stay?

Our Customer Service staff is available 365 days a year via email, text or phone at or 202-525-7368.

How do I contact a doctor if I am injured or not feeling well during my stay?

LUXbnb has partnered with Doc at Your Door to provide house calls to our guests. June Castner, MD is a general physician who provides routine medical care. Reach her at (202) 368-6788 or at

What is the check-out procedure?

Check-out is 10:00am on the day of departure. Unless otherwise indicated, your keys will go back into the lockbox where you retrieved them. We would be most appreciative if you can start your towels washing, they take so long to dry that it holds up the cleaning staff.

How do I extend my stay in Washington with LUXbnb?

Washington is so beautiful and culturally enriching that we can't blame you for wanting to stay longer. Guests should contact our Customer Service at least 24 hours prior to the end of their stay to ensure availability for an extension. In most cases we can easily edit your existing reservation to include additional nights.

What if I need to leave early?

Guests contact Customer Service to let them know of an early departure and follow the normal checkout procedures. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse for early departure.

Do you allow pets?

Most of our properties do not allow pets, but we do have some exceptions. Each property profile will indicate whether pets can be accommodated. For those properties that do allow pets, we collect a Pet Cleaning Fee of $100 for stays under 14 days.

Do you have any baby gear for rent?

For your traveling convenience we have a portable crib (Pack n'Play), toddler bed, car seat, changing table, highchair and umbrella stroller available for rent. Please contact our Customer Service to inquire about prices and availability.

Can I light a fire in the fireplace?

If your property has a fireplace, you will need to have written approval from the owner to use it. Use only synthetic logs, wood burning fires are never permitted.

Where can I buy groceries during my stay?

Our Welcome Guide for each property provides specific information on where to buy groceries and fresh produce in your neighborhood.

What role does LUXbnb play?

We are a professionally managed business providing property owners with carefree rental income and the opportunity to maximize profit margins on their residential properties in a market increasingly driven by new trends in travel, i.e. the shared economy.

What types of properties do you represent?

We personally select properties we know will best resonate with our clients. Our inventory includes houses, townhomes, apartments, condominiums, guest houses, in-law suites, and carriage houses. All of the properties we work with offer neighborhood amenities, a sought-after and convenient location, public transportation to downtown, and safety and security. The properties are well maintained both inside and out, inviting, and attractively furnished. Your property reflects our image and vice-versa.

How do I list my property with LUXbnb?

Interested property owners contact us directly to discuss their objectives and the details of the property. If it is a good mutual fit, we will come to the property for a free assessment. After signing our Owner Contract we create an online profile for the property complete with photographs, neighborhood description and a list of property and neighborhood amenities.

What role do I, the property owner, play?

We handle the rental process from start to finish. If the property owner is on-site he/she may choose to interact with guests, but this is not required. For our off-site or absent property owners we can take of all the guest interactions on your behalf.

Does LUXbnb also handle property management?

We are a rental management firm that also offers the full range of property management services to fit your needs. You can select from an a la carte menu which property management services you want for your property.

Do I need to reside in Washington for you to work with my property?

Not at all, in fact many of our property owners live outside the mid-Atlantic region if not overseas. We can provide full property management services for an additional fee to those properties where the owner wants a "hands-off" income stream.

What if I want to use my property for part of the year?

No problem, in fact this is one of the advantages of working with LUXbnb. Our owners can simply block out their calendar for those dates that they want the property for personal use and we will work around those.

Can LUXbnb work with my primary residence?

Absolutely, if for example you spend every summer away we can work with your property to generate revenue in your absence. Help off-set the cost of your travel if not cover it entirely by opening up your home.

What do I need to do to prepare my property?

After viewing the property we will determine if it is rental-ready and provide a professional assessment of what you can do to maximize your property's potential. Every property we represent must provide basic amenities such as WIFI, cable TV and a kitchenette for our guests and meet our standards for location, safety, convenience, comfort and appeal.

How much can I make?

Short-term rental rates are set by the night, week and month so we can generate more income from your property than an annual rental rate. How much more depends on the quality, location, size and desirability of your property, generally we you will see a 25 to 100% increase in rental income.

Do you vet the Guests?

All stays under 60 days are paid in full prior to arrival. Furthermore every guest is required to provide us with information regarding their stay including reason for travel and number of people in the travel party. We carefully screen all guests via email and/or phone and reject those we believe do not meet our standards.

When and how do I get paid?

We pay owners by check within a week of the month-end close out. Detailed reports of that month's earnings are included with your payment and available for you to view at any time through a discrete Owner Login on our website.

What is the duration of your contract?

Our services are contracted on an annual basis.

How is my property protected?

We require either insurance coverage for each guest, for each stay or take out a damage deposit. Not all sites allow that we use to source our rentals allow us to provide insurance coverage.

Do I pay taxes on my income?

As required by the IRS, we provide our property owners with a 1099 of the rental income earned through our services each January. Please consult your tax adviser for details.

See the seamless transition between owner and guests in our video.