Explore the United States Supreme Court Building & Other Exciting Things to Do in DC

Whether you are visiting Washington D.C. as a vacationing tourist or cruising through your homebound city as a local looking for things to do in DC, there are so many historic landmarks worth exploring and Washington DC places to visit. Washington D.C. is known for being the nation’s capital and providing historic landmarks such as museums, government buildings, and so much more. One must-see stop is the United States Supreme Court Building, where the judicial branch of our government is housed. First built in 1935, this historic building was designated a National Historic Landmark in the year 1987. So much history has been determined in this building, making it a priority stop for anyone looking for an educational, yet fun attraction in the D.C. area. Here are some reasons why the United States Supreme Court Building deserves your attention for your next visit.

Washington DC Places to Visit: The Supreme Court Building

The Supreme Court Building is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm with the exceptions of federal holidays. While no official tours are available, the building is available for public visitation. By visiting the Supreme Court Building, you can access the Courtroom, in addition to the first and ground floors of the building. This building serves as the nations’ highest court and a symbol of equal importance with our nation’s three branches of government. Visitors should be aware that certain court procedures may affect visitor access; checking the building’s website is highly recommended before planning your next visit.

Architectural Wonder

Viewing pictures of the United States Supreme Court Building online does not do it the justice it deserves. In person, you can view the 252-foot wide plaza that is located in front of building. Marble figures are located on the sides of the main steps, with works from sculptor James Earle Fraser of the Contemplation of Justice and Guardian or Authority of Law. Inside, the Great Hall features busts of former Chief Justices on marble pedestals in artistic elegance. The three floors of the buildings feature the Justices’ Chamber, offices of the Reporter of Decisions, and the Library. The Library of the third floor features a collection of over 500,000 volumes that are now retrieved from electronic systems and books. Washington D.C. features phenomenal architecture, and the United States Supreme Court Building is no exception.

Explore Our Nation’s Judicial System History

The United States Supreme Court Building offers a vast history of one of the three main branches of our federal government. Whether you appreciate exquisite architecture or want to find an educational experience among the things to do in DC, walking through this building cannot be missed. Check out the United States Supreme Court Building today! Plan an exciting trip to and be sure to book some of our incredible condos near Washington DC!