Visit the Historical Washington DC Libraries

With Washington D.C. being the nation’s capital, it is expected to be full of wonder and history that dates back to the United States’ founding. Historical exhibits provide in-depth knowledge through the city’s numerous museums and libraries, with most being free to visit. Washington D.C.’s libraries provide exhibits of cultural and historical research to entice the whole family. Here are some of the top historical Washington DC Libraries!

Where to Go in Washington DC: The Smithsonian Libraries

If you're looking for where to go in Washington DC, most Smithsonian museums offer specialized branches of libraries holding many of the hidden national treasures with expert knowledge and authentic answers. The 21 specialized research libraries offer diverse collections, exhibits, and scholarship support that spans the scientific and cultural findings of humanity. With most Smithsonian museums offering free entry, the libraries will be even easier to access on a whim. Explore some of the world’s largest repositories of knowledge at the Smithsonian Libraries!

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, or MLKML, is the central location for the District of Columbia’s Public Library system. The 400,000 square foot facility was specially designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and provides a modern architectural marvel. The MLKML houses special historical records such as census records, 1.3 million photographs from the Washington Star, and theatrical videos from the Washington Area Performing Arts Video Archive. Get off the tourist track and check out the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library!

Central Public Library

The Central Public Library, otherwise known as the Carnegie Library of Washington D.C., is housed in Mount Vernon Square. This architectural wonder was designed by Ackerman & Ross and dedicated by Andrew Carnegie in 1903. It is the first public library for the United States and was Washington D.C.’s first desegregated public building. The Central Public Library houses the Historical Society of Washington D.C. and provides a look into early 20th century American history.

Historical Libraries to Access the Past

Washington DC Libraries offer tourists and locals alike insight into the expansive history of the United States. Whether you explore the extensive exhibits and collections of the Smithsonian or browse the historical records of the Martin Luther King Jr., never has exploring the past been so fun to enjoy with Washington D.C.’s historical libraries. There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Check out Washington D.C.’s historical libraries on your vacation today!