Property Managment

Professional Rental and Property Management in DC

Contact us today to see how we can help you exceed your revenue goals for your Washington, DC property.

LUXbnb offers property owners the top rental property management in DC. Our services include:

1) An increased profit stream from their rental unit.
2) Care-free rental and property management in DC.
3) Flexibility to use your property whenever you would like.

Interested in our rental property management in DC? We offer a free consultation to discuss how we would work with your property and what you can expect from LUXbnb. Simply complete as many of the questions below as you are able to at this time. Or contact us directly at 202-525-7368 or email to learn more about our property management in DC.

Higher Profit Margins

Let us partner with you to maximize your return on investment. Our owners enjoy significantly higher revenues and profit margins over long-term rentals.  Ask us for a property management DC rental consultation to see what LUXbnb can do for you. Contact us today at 202-525-7368 or

Avoid DC’s strict and onerous tenant right laws

Short-stay Washington DC rentals of 90 days or less are considered “transient” and as such DC’s tenant right laws do not apply.  

Property ownership for investors that’s flexible, profitable and care-free

LUXbnb offers a range of comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for Washington's short term housing and property management needs.  For example, if you are an on-site owner and simply want short-stay rental management, we are glad to manage the rental process for you. If you are an absent or busy owner you can select from a menu of property management services those you wish to delegate to us.  We can furnish and decorate your property, coordinate repairs, perform routine maintenance and property upgrades.

Online Accounting and Financial Reporting

LUXbnb utilizes a sophisticated web-based short-term rental property management system for accounting, communicating and guest management.  We provide our property owners with online access to view their financial statements and run a variety of reports at their convenience. Our system will indicate when monies are collected and disbursements are made by property.  We provide you, the owner, with access to the information you need, when you need it.

Comprehensive Marketing

Everyday LUXbnb fields dozens of qualified inquiries from prospective guests and slots them into the property that best meets their needs and maximizes our overall occupancy.  LUXbnb seeks out the most effective methods for reaching our target market by making use of a variety of marketing channels and web platforms.  This ensures that we maintain a fair nightly rental rate for your property and keep “heads in beds”.

Ideal Tenants or “Guests”

We screen our guests to ensure that they are considerate professionals who will take good care of your property; many are rental property owners themselves. Furthermore, LUXbnb guests pay for their stays in advance so the collection is never an issue. 

Owner black-out periods for personal use

LUXbnb offers you the flexibility of using your property when you need it.  Would you like use of your vacation home near DC for visiting friends or family?  Would you like to return home to Washington for the summers?  Simply use the Owner Login feature to black-out those dates in your property calendar for your own personal use.

Less wear and tear on the property and better maintenance

Due to our frequent guest turnover your property is inspected and thoroughly cleaned by our staff an average of 4 times a month.   We catch any issues early and address them immediately before they cause damage to your property.  Moreover, our Guests are visitors to DC for the purpose of tourism, business or visiting family, as such they drop their luggage and head out the door eager to experience Washington.  

Owner Testimonial

As a new homeowner in Georgetown, I had no experience in the home-rental business. By chance, I came across Charlotte Perry and her LUXbnb company. From the moment I signed on with them, my home has been cared for as if it were her own. She met me personally the very first day, gave me detailed information on what was needed for a high-end guest experience, had the home professionally cleaned and photographed, and walked me through the necessary steps for getting a business license and inspection. Her team coordinates all internet advertising, screening of potential guests, cleaning, and maintenance. On the few occasions that a problem occurred (a failure in adequate cooling one month, a broken sink disposal), the repairs were arranged immediately. Over the 12 months that we have been with LUXbnb, our home has been rented over 90% of the time, generating excellent income and very positive guest reviews. I would highly recommend LUXbnb to any homeowner looking for a full-service property management experience. Charlotte and her team are top-notch: innovative, responsive, unfailingly polite and extremely professional. 

Gwendolyn Kelly, Owner of 27th Street

Owner Testimonial

I have been in the real estate business for 25 years, I am a developer and manager in California. Five years ago when my son decided to attend Georgetown, I also bought a home here. I was referred to LUXbnb by several real estate agents in Washington DC and it was a unanimous response that Charlotte and her team were the company for me to rent and manage my home with. I met with Charlotte and we spoke in-depth about her company, their philosophy and business model. I was so comfortable with it that I immediately placed my home in their hands. That was four years ago and I have been very happy with them ever since. 

We have had to have some construction and improvements done to our home and everything was handled by LUXbnb and done seamlessly. It was done better than I could have done myself! They have made coming back to my home effortless, there is no longer a long list of projects and tasks to catch up on and I am so thankful. The entire experience in Georgetown was enhanced knowing that we had someone we trusted managing the home. Charlotte and her team improved the quality of my second home experience. 

John Murphy, Owner of Georgetown Elegance

Owner Testimonial

Charlotte Perry and her team take better care of my house in Georgetown than I do of my home in Seattle.  Charlotte is always vigilant for any issues with regards blackouts, floods, Arctic blasts and other weather events. I am 100% comfortable that she will vet the renters and make sure that they will respect my home and furnishings. I can honestly say that if I did not have Charlotte to work with, I would not rent my home at all- I would keep it vacant when I am not there.

My regards,

Greg, Georgetown homeowner

Owner Testimonial

Nothing but praise and admiration for Charlotte and her B&B

Deborah Georgetown homeowner